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I Dont Need (Nobody Like You)

   23.11.2019  9 Comments

Author: Neshura

9 thoughts on “ I Dont Need (Nobody Like You)

  1. Nov 25,  · No Good Lyrics: You're no good for me / I don't need nobody / Don't need no one / That's no good for me / I'd kiss you goodbye in the dead of the night if I could / (Oh yeah, yeah, yeah) / I'd.
  2. Jul 14,  · Правила: Брать только 3 части -Не делать пока я не скажу что вы приняты -Попробуйте сделать анимачию.
  3. Nobody Like You Lyrics: I'm convinced that you hate (that you hate), you hate me / You like (you like), you like to see my cry / It's already a proven fact / That you hate and you wait on me to.
  4. Oct 09,  · here's the lyrics I've heard; i figured this is where i wanna be, and i dont need nobody judging me. cause they dont see you like i see you, need you like i need you .
  5. Nobody but you I can't imagine the two of us apart. Can't find a reason 'Cos I still believe (There's no one like you) That is why I need (Nobody but you, yea) Don't need nobody To take your place but you (No no no no no no) Don't need nobody at all No no (No no no no) (Don't need nobody) No no no no I don't need nobody (Don't need nobody.
  6. Nobody but you, nobody but you. Nobody else, could love me, like you do. Nobody but you, could see me through. Your love is true and I don't need nobody but you Submit Corrections. Writer (s): J.d. Martin, John Jarrard. AZLyrics. D. Don Williams Lyrics.
  7. Jul 20,  · Trip like it's acid But no drugs I don't need Got no prescriptions And I don't need (I don't need) Nobody Nobody But you But you But you .
  8. Now I don't need nobody, I would love somebody though Don't you ever get it fucked up Everybody wanna be God Beside God, he wanna be like us We never sleep too much, beat that pussy up She gonna need that trust Never see me on the street too much but On the inside, I'm outside, all the time Tryna stay away from that electric shock.
  9. You don't need nobody else, and you're putting this all on me, forgive me I say you don't need nobody else Feels like you don't got me so you feel like you've been by yourself I've been feeling kinda down myself I've been going through it as well Girl, I guess time will tell That's the problem, I ain't got any left There's somethings I can't.

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